Guy de Cointet


A comprehensive monograph on an important twentieth-century experimental visual artist.


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Frédéric Paul, Guy de Cointet


Guy de Cointet’s experimental art used a combination of cryptography, typography, and tropes in visual installation pieces and performance art, books, and films. Covering his work from his early career spent in California working under Larry Bell to his early installation pieces, including canvases and books, to his fully integrated performance pieces performed across America and France, this is a comprehensive monograph on the full spectrum of the talented artist’s work. Frédéric Paul’s examination covers everything from the artist’s cryptographic newspaper ACRCIT to his theatrical works combining several languages, poetry, and song such as Going to the Market, performed in the Louvre’s auditorium. Frédéric Paul not only presents Guy de Cointet’s major works in a comprehensive manner, he offers analysis on the extent and importance of Cointet’s influence on art of the twentieth century and beyond. This is a truly indispensable work for those wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of one of the greatest typographical, linguistic, and cryptographic artists and dramatists of the twentieth century.

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