Haus am Horn: Bauhaus Architecture in Weimar



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The Haus Am Horn, built in 1923 on the occasion of the first Bauhaus exhibition, is the first and only example of Bauhaus architecture in Weimar to have survived. It was with this experimental building that the Bauhaus presented itself to the public for the first time. All the Bauhaus workshops cooperated closely to fit it out completely with furniture, textiles, lights and the latest household equipment that they had designed themselves. Each detail of the house was an answer to numerous questions regarding living conditions in the future which remain topical to this day. From 1924 until well into the 1990s the house was lived in, changed and extended, so that little remains of the interior furnishings.This compact overview publication presents the chequered history of the house, which can be visited and toured as a monument from 2019.

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