Healing Civilizations

The Search for Therapeutic Essential Oils & Nutrients


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Nadim Shaath


Healing Civilizations is the culmination of Dr. Shaath’s personal journey around the world over the past twenty-five years, seeking out and rediscovering essential oils and therapeutic ingredients used since antiquity. In his travels with award-winning photojournalist Thomas Hartwell, he scoured the world for the secrets of the past, searching for time-tested natural remedies that were recorded in early pharmacopoeias, etched on temple walls, or handed down orally. Meeting with farmers, scientists, industrialists, healers, and historians, they uncovered ancient treasures of natural healing practices and ingredients. Dr. Shaath chronicled their discoveries across time and geography, analyzing dozens of ingredients and techniques using modern instrumentation and cataloging the data in usable and practical form. A reference manual for practitioners in the field of aromatherapy, essential oils, and perfumery, Healing Civilizations is a guide for those interested in natural healing and reversing the trends caused by the environmental damage done to our planet and our overreliance on synthetic ingredients, products, and pharmaceutical drugs.

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