How to Create Better Ideas

Connecting the Left and Right Brain in the Design Process



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Joost Roozekrans


With examples ranging from Precious Plastic to the Sheltersuit, How to Create Better Ideas provides insights into the design process – and into how to produce better ideas in general. The concepts are divided into two sections: the right brain and the left brain. The first section analyses the general design process. The second introduces six self-developed methods that teach you to create more and better visual ideas relevant to all design disciplines.

This book is for anyone who would like to understand design more deeply and in more detail. It is for anyone who wants to know, What is design? What is creativity? What mentality and conditions are needed to guarantee a productive design process? It is for design educators and students, and for those working with designers as clients or commissioners. And it is most certainly a guide for design professionals who want to advance their ability to create visual ideas.

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Publication date 8 February 2021
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Dimensions 15.3 x 21.1 cm
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Joost Roozekrans is a designer, creative director and senior design lecturer based in the Hague, The Netherlands.

He has worked as a design professional for 30 years in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and China, with a focus on designing visual brand identities and design education. Currently, he is active as an independent designer, teaches design and gives workshops for professionals. Roozekrans worked as a senior designer for The Guardian newspaper and Studio Dumbar, where he became the creative team leader and eventually the creative director for the Shanghai office. He is the co-founder of two design studios: NLXL (The Hague) and SparkyTiger (Shanghai). Next to his work as a designer, he also lectured on branding and identity design in Shanghai.