How to Survive the Organizational Revolution

A Guide to Agile Contemporary Operating Models, Platforms and Ecosystems



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Pieter Koene, Martijn Ars, Ard-Pieter de Man


People face a bewildering choice of new organizational design options. New organizational forms are sweeping across business, now that information technology enables better communication, both internally and across boundaries. This book helps managers to navigate the new landscape, by providing a concise and practical overview of forms like holacracy, the Spotify-model, platform organizations, multidimensional organizing and ecosystems. It discusses these forms and provides a user guide, showing when they are effective and when to avoid them.

Short insightful excursions explain how the organizational revolution affects issues like human resource management, the changing role of middle management, planning and control and self-organization. Finally, the book guides you through the question how to design new organizational forms and how to implement them. Practical examples and enlightening case studies show the struggles and successes you face in working in this new environment.

Self-organized, dynamic and externally oriented structures replace hierarchical, predictable and internally oriented structures. The business unit and the matrix that dominated the twentieth century are making way for new forms of organizing. This book is the first complete overview of new organizational forms in the information economy. It is an indispensable guide to profit from the opportunities new organizational forms present.

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Publication date 1 January 2020
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Ard-Pieter de Man PhD is Professor of Management Studies at the School of Business and Economics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He also works as an independent management consultant in the areas of strategy, organization design, business models, alliances and ecosystems. Pieter Koene is a Partner at PwC specialized in strategy execution, advising clients on the re-design and transformation of Operating Models. Furthermore, he is PwC's lead partner for Enterprise Agility. Martijn Ars is Director in PwC's consulting practice and leads PwC's community on Enterprise Agility in Europe.