I Can Make Music

Play and Learn Activities to Empower Children Through Music



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Maja Pitamic, Patricia Shehan Campbell


I Can Make Music is a brand new activity book filled with a rich array of musically interactive ideas for parents to explore the palette of expressive possibilities for their young children, from three to five years of age. The multiple experiences are intended to draw parents into the world of their little ones, offering them games and playful encounters with the phenomenon of music as human expression. All activities are grounded in the developmental practices of music in early childhood, and suggestions for “playing out” melodic a nd rhythmic expressions require no specialized knowledge or equipment. Multi -sensory experiences are described in straightforward terms for parent and child activities that involve the capacity to listen, touch, and feel music together in song, play, and m ovement. I Can Make Music opens parents up to ways to enhance the cognitive, kin aesthetic and socio- emotional development of their preschool ers .

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Publication date 1 October 2017
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Dimensions 18.4 x 22.1 cm
Weight 502 g