Incredible Italian Beauties


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FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano


The extraordinary Italian heritage of art and nature.

The volume is published in a completely revised edition, updated and extended with the inclusion of all new properties, illustrating places and monuments that over the years have become part of the heritage of FAI, the association that takes deals with their conservation and restoration.

This extensive collection of images and critical articles on the various locations and monuments covers the numerous stages of the acquisition of historical mansions, castles, monasteries and citadels with important frescos, art collections and natural reserves in some of the most suggestive corners of the Italian peninsula: from the castles of Avio, Manta and Masino, to the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, from the Bay of Ieranto to the Torba Monastery, from Villa del Balbianello to Villa Della Porta Bozzolo, Villa and Panza Collection in Biumo (with the prestigious collection of contemporary art), Villa dei Vescovi and Parco Villa Gregoriana. And also, Cala Junco, Castel Grumello, Villa Necchi Campiglio, Casa Carbone, Palazzo and Torre Campatelli, Villa Fogazzaro Roi, the Wood of San Francesco in Assisi, the historic Olivetti Shop in Venice (a Carlo Scarpa’s masterpiece), up to the latest acquisitions such as the millenary Abbey of Santa Maria in Cerrate, Casa Noha, the “Colle dell’Infinito”, the Belvedere of Vasto, the Saline dei conti Vecchi, Casa and Torre Campatelli, Casa Bortoli and Casa Macchi.

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Conceived by Elena Croce, daughter of the great philosopher Benedetto Croce and based on the illustrious model of the British National Trust, the FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano was founded on 28 April 1975 with the specific aim of helping to protect, conserve and make the most of Italy's artistic and natural heritage.Loved by poets and travellers of all ages and enchanting millions of tourists by its sheer beauty, Italy possesses the world's most extraordinary natural, artistic and cultural heritage. This marvellous wealth, alongside those monuments that are known the world over, includes hundreds of often hidden jewels which run a serious risk of deterioration and are subject to the ravages of time and of mankind.