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Sonia Lucano


Natural materials, neutral colours, elegant lines: the Scandinavian look is one of the most popular in contemporary interior design. Rooted in the desire to create beautiful everyday objects that are practical, affordable and accessible to all, which emerged in Scandinavia during the 1930s, it is the embodiment of a cultural mindset that values the collective over the individual, shared by all five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

This book is both an introduction to the history of Scandinavian design and a style sourcebook. Featuring concise profiles of such great designers as Arne Jacobsen and Stig Lindberg, and such key furniture and textiles manufacturers as littala and Marimekko, it also includes 30 step-by-step DIY projects that show readers how to customize furniture and objects in the Scandinavian way.

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Publication date 1 April 2016
Number of pages 192
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Dimensions 22.1 x 28.4 cm
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Sonia Lucano writes widely on crafts and interior design. She is the author of numerous books on the subject.