Italian Tailoring

A Glimpse into the World of Italian Tailoring


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Yoshimi Hasegawa


Italian tailoring is a tradition of excellence in our country. In fact, clothes, especially men’s tailoring, are veritable works of art, which conceal within the secrets and history of the city in which they are made. They are the product of a long tailoring tradition created from elegance and taste, where even the slightest detail is given the greatest care and attention.

In fact, made-to-measure garments and shoes entail painstaking measuring and a transformation of these measurements into a perfect object, thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of tailors and of refined textiles. Detailed mastery for a unique, immediately recognizable style.

This publication presents 28 historic tailor shops in Italy and their key protagonists (from Donnadio to Musella Dembech, Liverano&Liverano to Sartoria Napoletana, Rubinacci and Attolini to Caraceni, Ciardi and Pirozzi) in a complete guide across Italy, from north to south, in search of the haute tailoring and tailors who have shaped the world-famous Italian style.

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