Klaus Littmann (Bilingual edition)

Tree Connections


This book is not yet published, but will be available from July 2021.

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Dominique Wyss


Nature, for its part, is not only the mother of all beings, but also one of the oldest and most frequent themes of humanity and art. Just as old are the efforts and attempts to abstract her in the hope of at least very basically grasping her spirit. If until the middle of the 20th century nature’s essence, i.e. its interaction between beauty and brutality, was the focus of artistic considerations, today the decay and the partly unsparing handling dominate the examination of our breeding ground.

Especially these days, which are increasingly perceived as enduring a loss of nature, we inevitably rediscover and redefine our relationship towards our basis of life. And discover that we are nothing without nature, neither as a material living being nor as an animated individual. The loss of nature is not only the loss of ourselves, but also of the reference system towards existence. This distinguishes the subject of nature from many others.

The installation of a mixed forest on a playing field in the most modern stadium in Austria enabled a broad society in a symbolic arena to experience nature as a staging, as it were a memorial of life. The confrontation with the only seemingly self-evident led not only to an unusual questioning of one’s own position, but to a discourse about being or not being.

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