Leave Your Mark

The Pleasure of Writing by Hand



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Monica Dengo


Although handwriting is one of man-kind’s greatest cultural achievements, written communication today means mostly typing into computers and mo-bile devices. However, scientists stress that the brain benefits from writing by hand. The author, an acclaimed cal-ligrapher and teacher of penmanship, addresses herself to all those who don’t even use pen and paper for their shop-ping list, but would like to try it (again).

Based on scientifically proven methods for cognitive activities, this title discovers and promotes the creative potential of handwriting – and to put it into practice right away on the pages of the book. Well-founded and very colorful, inspiring and yet structured: at the end there is the joy of expressing oneself by means of a personal mark, in a form that is even pleasant to look at. Furthermore, there is also the understanding that handwriting is much more than just the graphic transcription of language, going to the origin of the need for expression

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Weight 642 g
Dimensions 21.7 x 26 cm
Publisher name bnb media gmbh, Zurich
Publication date 1 February 2020
Number of pages 128
Format Hardback
Dimensions 21.7 x 26 cm
Weight 642 g


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Monica Dengo is an internationally ac-claimed calligrapher and teacher of hand-writing and penmanship. After studying graphic design in Italy she continued her education in London and San Francisco. She has developed an easy-to-learn cursive writing model that embodies the essence of years spent teaching adults and children. Dengo is the author of the website scrittu-racorsiva.it/en and founder of the associa-tion SMED that promotes the knowledge and good practices of handwriting as a crucial component of cultural literacy in the digital age.