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Gottfried Knapp


Leif Trenkler (b. 1960) is regarded as one of the most important protagonists of New Figuration in Germany. He has played an important role in this contemporary movement and has achieved international success. His fascinating painting is created by using new colour constructions, a nuanced technique and unusual compositions employing oil on wood.

Trenkler’s works have a magical aura about them. Inspired by the artist’s numerous journeys, they transport us to places of longing: silent river landscapes, pool scenes that reflect photographic elements and pictures of clear starry nights. Through the artist’s interest in the development of an emotional mood and the attendant rigorously focused structure, Trenkler’s pictures correspond to his own philosophy of multiple layers. The attractively designed volume shows work from over 30 years, rounded out by a subtle essay by Gottfried Knapp.

“The mountains gleam on the horizon. The long shadows wander. The vibrant ultramarine morning sky is mirrored in the still-cool water. Warm yellow stone slabs promise a hot, sunny day.” (Leif Trenkler on his picture on the cover of the book)

Languages: German and English

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Gottfried Knapp is a German art critic and writer.