Leonardo da Vinci: A Closer Look



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Alan Donnithorne


Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings are among the most accomplished and technically varied ever made. Detailed study of those in the Royal Collection – the finest group in existence – reveals much about his materials and techniques and his innovative approach to drawing.

This ground-breaking book explores a substantial number of Leonardo’s most celebrated drawings in unprecedented detail. Using specialist microscopic photography it will open up a new understanding and appreciation of Leonardo’s techniques and present new information on his materials, uncovering features invisible to the naked eye. In addition, infrared images bring to light the artist’s first touches (including Leonardo’s own thumbprint, show in the detail below) and under-drawings, many of which have not been seen for 500 years.

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Weight 1640 g
Dimensions 27.6 x 29.5 cm
Publisher name Royal Collection Trust
Publication date 7 April 2019
Number of pages 204
Format Hardback
Dimensions 27.6 x 29.5 cm
Weight 1640 g


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Alan Donnithorne is former Head of Paper Conservation, Royal Collection Trust.