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Lovisa Ringborg


A collection of Lovisa Ringborg’s photographs, which seem to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction

In her latest series of works, In the Belly of the Beast (2014) and Night Remains (2017), Ringborg continues to create dreamy scenarios and situations capturing an inner world, highlighting the power of the subconscious and leaving the viewer with a feeling of uncertainty and wonder.

Guided by intuition, the post-production phase is essential to achieve the expression she strives for. Ringborg’s photographs are brought together by a sense of the unknown hiding beneath the surface or being camouflaged; her protagonists descend in muddy waters merging with the dark landscape or disappear under layers of blankets and sheets. Ringborg challenges our preconceptions of the world, while dark, subconscious forces are luring in the background. With references to art history, in particularly the Renaissance and Baroque era, Lovisa Ringborg threads a narrow path between beauty and repulsion.

In recent years Ringborg has included sculpture in her practice, both serving as objects in her photographic works, but also as physical objects in the exhibition space. The sculptures, conveying a sense of metamorphose, extend the immersive state of uncertainty and wonder outside the picture frame.

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Weight 1278 g
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Publisher name Bokforlaget Max Strom
Publication date 15 October 2019
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Format Hardback
Dimensions 29.7 x 33.7 cm
Weight 1278 g


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Lovisa Ringborg (b 1979) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and holds an MFA from the School of Photography at Gothenburg University.