Luca Missoni: Moon Atlas


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Damiani Editore


Luca Missoni is an Italian photographer passionate of astronomy. The Moon has always been at the center of his artistic research. For more than twenty years he has been realizing a photographic project which explores the Moon focusing on the tension between reality and imagination. In his childhood he started to observe the Moon with a telescope, collecting maps and books. With the myth of the Moon increasing its charm since the Sixties, with its explorations, Missoni has been more and more involved up to pursue a project for a personal Atlas of the heavenly body. The book is structured in two main sections: a first part with an obsessive and rigorous representation of the Moon in all its phases; a second part with its interpretation in a continuous testing of colors and composition of different phases. The result is a personal trip around the Moon with a representation of the visible side of our satellite, in a continuous tension towards the shadowed and hidden part.

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Publisher name Damiani Editore
Publication date 18 October 2019
Number of pages 152
Format Hardback
Dimensions 27.7 x 33.7 cm
Weight 1426 g
For the family business he has directed Knitwear Research and Product Development and for more than twenty years has designed Men and Sport collections. Today he is the Artistic Director of the Missoni Archive which he developed as a research tool and a communication project enhancing the historical and artistic heritage of the brand while curating museum exhibitions and visual and performing arts projects. Photography has always been an integral part of his visual research. Passionate about astronomy, since childhood he has been fascinated by the telescope observation of the Moon. His photographic works have been presented in 2001 with the Photology Gallery in Milan. He had his first solo show in 2002 at the Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans and since 2008 is represented by the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. He has a great passion for flying and airplanes. With his wife Judith and their family they live between Varese (Italy) and New York.