Luxurious Design for Dogs



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Michelle Galindo


Dogs are considered man’s best friends in most parts of the world. Consequently, dog lovers want their canine friends to have the most optimal living conditions possible – beyond the minimum requirements of healthy food, regular movement and toys for training body and brain. This volume shows the amazing breadth of selection and creativity of products to warm the hearts of dogs and owners alike. The smart furnishings and affectionately created accessories presented here are decorative as well as functional, from royally ornamented dishes, to exclusive toy, to comfortable pillows. Some wrap their dogs in elegant coats and protective shoes, whereas others grant them fancy luxury couches and inviting palaces. This original collection is an ideal source of inspiration for anyone wanting to do everything for their most signifigant four-legged friends.

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Weight 1202 g
Dimensions 21.9 x 29.5 cm
Publisher name Braun Publishing AG
Publication date 15 August 2013
Number of pages 176
Format Hardback
Dimensions 21.9 x 29.5 cm
Weight 1202 g


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