Made in Britain

Look back Leap forward.



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Patrick Potter


Britain is changing. Don’t panic! Let’s talk. Who were we? Who are we? Who do we want to be? Look back. Leap forward. Explore this treasure trove of images from the Mirror archives that expansively covers the last 100 years. Made in Britain is an epic collection of photographs chronicling Britain at work – that both reminds us of our collective power and giving us hope for the future. These images are pieces of a lost world. Ships emerge at the end of the street. The faces of tough, proud people look at us through the lens of a camera. They had their own hopes and fears. What would they say to us? This was Britain at work. We used to make stuff on an epic scale. Life was not a rose garden, but together we achieved incredible things. We built the modern world. We were always a big family, welcoming workers from around the globe. Let’s start a conversation. Let’s look back to leap forward. Epic goals are exciting. Epic goals bring people together. We used to make stuff. Could we make stuff again? Should we?

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