Make a Living Living

Be Successful Doing What You Love



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Nina Karnikowski


Make a Living Living is for anyone who has ever wished they could build a successful career doing something they love.

Structured around 26 case studies of globetrotting individuals, including – a vegan chocolatier, a tiny-house builder, a woodcarver, a tea company founder, and a horticulturalist – Make a Living Living explains how they achieved their ideal existence and offers tips and advice for how others can, too. The book also offers the tools to craft a creatively fulfilling life, one you don’t need a vacation to escape from. Including a carefully considered set of exercises peppered throughout the book, readers will learn how to focus their vision, stay disciplined, trust themselves, take risks, see the lessons in their failures, and monetize their passions so they, too, can enjoy a more flexible, independent lifestyle.

Advice from artists featured in Make a Living Living:Make your passion your job, and it will never feel like work again.Simple living, keep things simple and you’ll save money and have more time to enjoy life.Sustainability, there is a large community of people who make things and care about the way they make them.Nomadic living, keep your eyes fresh and your brain engaged by living creatively in different spaces.This isn’t a book for people looking to find fame or get rich quick. Instead, it’s for those wishing to take more pleasure in the simple things and minimize stress, to take control of their time and energy, to travel, cultivate inspiring relationships, and build a successful purpose-driven career doing what they love.

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Publication date 23 March 2020
Number of pages 128
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Dimensions 16.3 x 22.6 cm
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Nina Karnikowski created a living living by fusing her two passions: writing and travelling. Based in Byron Bay, Australia, she writes travel stories for newspapers, magazines and websites. Nina's career has seen her journeying through Mongolia in ex-Russian military vehicles, exploring the Namibian desert in open-sided safari trucks and dodging icebergs in Antarctica in an icebreaker ship, and beyond, to over 60 countries..