Conversions and Extensions of Homes and Residential Spaces



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Chris van Uffelen


In the world of architecture and construction there is a general consensus that many existing residential buildings will have to be substantially renovated within the next few years – not only because they are technically outdated but also because their functionality and esthetics are no lon – ger in line with contemporary demands and requirements. For each venture of this type, the owners and architects must deal and come to terms with the existing structures. Some projects consist of only a few square meters within an old building while others exceed the size of the previ – ously existing living space.

Based on more than 100 carefully selected works, the whole scope of possibilities for extensions and conver – sions is presented – from multi-floor annexes, via newly designed existing spaces, to additional sections or merged spaces. Some of the interventions are understated, while others are preeminent, utilizing matching or contrasting materials, and exhibiting a great variety of different styles – whether minimalist, rustic, elaborate, elegant …

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