Maria Lassnig: Ways of Being



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Beatrice von Bormann, Antonia Hoerschelmann


A number of new discoveries have come to light in recent years during the examination of Lassnig’s estate. Various works which have rarely or never been exhibited before are shown here. The focus of the book lies on the central topics of Maria Lassnig’s creative work, such as her Body-Awareness pictures. In them she explores the perception of her own body in relation to space, objects and animals – a form of painting from the inside out, which defines the relationship between the artist and the world around her.

This volume gathers together paintings, drawings, films, and sculptures by Maria Lassnig (1919-2014) from a creative career that spanned some seventy years. It explains how she thought of herself in relation to the art scene of her time. This multimedia approach makes possible new ways of looking at the artist’s multifaceted work. Examples of Maria Lassnig’s writings round out the presentation.

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