Mario Giacomelli

Under the Skin of Reality



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Mario Giacomelli, Katiuscia Biondi, Marina Itolli


The Mario Giacomelli Sassoferrato archive contains some 12,000 photographs (made using various printing techniques), their contact sheets and negatives. The mission of the Sassoferrato archive is to provide a philological framework of the works of Giacomelli, in the context in which the artist worked. It therefore offers a unique all-round view of this great artist, whose life path and way of working have been relatively unknown up till now. The Sassoferrato Archive promotes a new way of looking at Mario Giacomelli, by highlighting his working method; the totally coherent structure that encompasses his entire production and is Giacomelli’s unique style. For Giacomelli, art and life were intrinsically linked, and each series was created in close connection with the previous ones. In this book, the archive’s director (who is also Giacomelli’s granddaughter) Katiuscia Biondi analyses the precise code that makes the photographer Giacomelli a continuum, in which every element, every photograph, every gesture of the artist himself participates in the creation of an ultimate meaning, the total original.

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