Marius Schultz: A Conversation with Nature



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An immersive view of nature’s vastness and purity that reminds us from where we have come from. The first monograph by the Norwegian photographer Marius Schultz is a long- term project – 12 years of images – started in 2005 and set in the surroundings of Oslo, where both human interference and noise are absent. We are presented with a timeless story, both sensory and evanescent, in which the main characters are the trees and their greatness. They interact harmoniously with the deep water, the endless sky, the open landscapes and the intense colours of the seasons. The photographer tells simultaneously a universal tale, of the power of these trees that are the custodians of world history, and a personal narrative of the microcosm in which the photographer and his children were born and live every day. His family lives in constant dialogue with two red-headed girls, icons of purity and simplicity who articulate the stages of life and the seasons. An obsession with trees creates a strong feeling of disorientation and wonder, which forces us to look closely and carefully at nature. The act of seeing draws the readers in to this magical and faraway world, and invites them to take part in this poetic story.

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Dimensions 20.8 x 30.7 cm
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