Martin Kippenberger: Paintings Volume III

Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings 1987 - 1992


Following on from Volume IV, the second volume of the Martin Kippenberger catalogue raisonné.

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Regina Fiorito, Lisa Fiorito


Martin Kippenberger’s diverse oeuvre comprises paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photographs, multiples, graphical prints, posters, artist’s books, and other publications, performances, music and exhibition organisations.

The second volume of the catalogue raisonné of Martin Kippenberger’s paintings comprises all of the works that were created between 1987 and 1992, following on from volume IV. Almost 300 paintings are registered, with work number, title, year, technique,measurements, epigraphs, provenance, exhibitions and bibliography. Each work is illustrated in colour and, where informative, is also supplemented by its respective original. This volume is also concluded with a register of unfinished works.

Work series and work groups are organised into chapters and are elucidated with opening texts. The authors comment on the story of the painting’s origin and on references to his own works and to those of other artists. Alongside two large series of self portraits from 1988 and 1992, six further blocks of works are presented in volume III, including the ‘Preis Bilder’ series (1987), the so-called ‘fabric paintings’ (1987), a group of paintings made in Spain (1988), the latex and rubber paintings, and the ‘Krieg Böse’ series.

The appendix contains a chronological list of exhibitions and the bibliography, which takes into account Martin Kippenberger’s special working method in dealing with the categories of ‘exhibition catalogue’, ‘artist’s book’ and book’. This part is supplemented by the exhibitions that have taken place and the literature published since volume IV was printed.

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