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Naïve, precious objects: the pioneering days of aviation reflected in toy airplanes | Catalogue and DVD on Patrick Despature’s definitive collection, listing toy airplane manufacturers by country, name, and brand |A must for all collectors of tin toys

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Roberto Pellegrini, Gabriele Sabolewski


In 1927, Charles Lindbergh was the first aviator to venture to fly solo across the Atlantic, and that same year the manufacturer J. M. L. produced a toy version of his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis. These tinplate or sheet-iron planes were based on blurry black-and-white photographs of airplanes, and thus early twentieth-century toy manufacturers permitted themselves a great deal of artistic license. The biplanes and propeller planes by Märklin, Tipp & Co., Distler, Günthermann, Rossignol, Joustra, INGAP, Paya, or Rico were colorful, and their technical details lacked accuracy. This extensive catalogue carefully presents these naïvely-designed yet true masterpieces in words and images-besides long-range and record-breaking aircraft, it features hydroplanes, military planes, autogiros (the predecessor to the helicopter), as well as carousels and other flying toys.

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Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 8 August 2012
Number of pages 392
Format Hardback
Contributors Text by Patrick Despature
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