Mr Rouse Builds His House



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Stefan Themerson, Barbara Wright


This tiny book, originally published in 1950, tells the story of Mr. Rouse, who has decided to build himself a house. Inevitably, the process is much longer and more detailed than Mr. Rouse initially envisions: “Mr. Builder, I’m not a bird, you know; how could I live in a house made of leaves?”
This quirky tale from 1950 takes readers through the process of choosing building types and making all kinds of decisions. In a wonderful blend of absurd poetry and pragmatism, Mr. Rouse contends with building materials, transportation, lighting, and plumbing, encountering quarreling stairs and dapper gutters on his way.

Additional information

Weight 157 g
Dimensions 11.2 x 11.4 cm
Publisher name Tate Publishing
Publication date 17 October 2013
Number of pages 148
Format Hardback
Contributors Illustrated by Franciszka Themerson
Dimensions 11.2 x 11.4 cm
Weight 157 g


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Stefan and Franciszka Themerson were Polish avant-garde artists and filmmakers who in the 1940s fled to London, where they worked on a huge range of creative projects. In 1948, they founded the influential Gaberbocchus Press, publishers of Kurt Schwitters, Jankel Adler, and Alfred Jarry, among others. Barbara Wright was a translator and art writer who worked closely with the Themersons and also translated key works of 20th-century French literature into English, including Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi.