Mr. Tiger



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Davide Cali, Miguel Tanco


Davide Cali is a Swiss-born, Italian award-winning author of picture books and Graphic novels. He has been published in twenty-five countries. Miguel Tanco, is an award-winning Spanish illustrator who studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts of New York. Tate published another of his picture books, Count on Me in English in 2020.

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Weight 453 g
Dimensions 25.7 x 25.2 cm
Publisher name Tate Publishing
Publication date 24 May 2021
Number of pages 40
Format Hardback
Dimensions 25.7 x 25.2 cm
Weight 453 g


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-A delightful debut picture book about a wrestler who although tough in the ring is actually very shy and is looking for a friend.

-Hilarious and also tender, Cali's charming text combined with Tanco's adorable illustrations tell an important story about bravery and the importance of friendship.

-A heart warming story about what true bravery looks like and that being tough comes in all guises!

Meet Mr. Tiger, the bravest, the strongest and the greatest wrestler in the ring. With his tradesmark move, "The Leap of the Tiger", he has defeated his most formidable rivals: Black Claw, Boogeyman, Constrictor and Blob.

But outside the ring, despite the muscles and the fierce mask, Mr. Tiger is painfully shy. Even speaking to the lady he secretly admires seems impossible - until a loyal friend helps him out.

Enter the ring and find out what happens when a tough body houses a sweet heart!