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Nasser Alyousif (1940-2006) was a pioneer of the modern art movement in Bahrain. At a time when there were few role models of how to be an artist, limited resources in terms of artistic materials and more importantly a lack of institutions dedicated to the fine arts, Nasser Alyousif and his contemporaries strode forward and led the way in the formation of a modern art movement in Bahrain.

Nasser Alyousif’s work was characterized from his earliest days by a passion for the human story as lived out in the daily lives and traditions of his native Bahrain, a relentless and rigorous approach to any field of enquiry and an innate curiosity and desire to explore and experiment with various artistic formal languages, media and methods. His works span over five decades and encompass a multitude of media. In addition to his artistic achievements, Nasser Alyousif was a passionate teacher to a younger generation of artists and founding member of many of the seminal art institutions in Bahrain.

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Melissa Enders-Bhatia is director of Art and Exhibitions at the Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center in Bahrain and the curator of the first retrospective on the lifetime achievements of Nasser Alyousif.