Nathalie Djurberg und Hans Berg (German Edition)

A Journey through Mud and Confusion with Small Glimpses of Air


Grotesque dreamworlds: the earthy, comic films by Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg in a big retrospective of their work


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Lena Essling, Patricia MacCormack, David Toop


For many artists, overcoming the two-dimensional canvas is a central point of reference. The exhibition Tutto and its accompanying catalogue provide insight into various artistic approaches that combine the concepts of opening up, expanding, or overcoming the traditional panel painting. Here, the artists on display range from Carla Accardis, an artist who experiments with canvas, to Enrico Castellanis and Agostino Bonalumis, all the way to Piero Manzoni and his experiments with materials. Other focal points are the relationship between image and text and the visual poetry in experimental works on paper, as well as conceptual photography.

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Dimensions 22 x 28.3 cm
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