Never Built New York


Following on the success of Never Built Los Angeles, Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell now turn their eye to New York City.

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Greg Goldin, Sam Lubell


Following on the success of Never Built Los Angeles (Metropolis Books, 2013), authors Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell now turn their eye to New York City. New York towers among world capitals, but the city we know might have reached even more stellar heights, or burrowed into more destructive depths, had the ideas pictured in the minds of its greatest dreamers progressed beyond the drawing board and taken form in stone, steel, and glass. What is wonderfully elegant and grand might easily have been ingloriously grandiose; what is blandly unremarkable, equally, might have become delightfully provocative or humanely inspiring. The ambitious schemes gathered here tell the story of a different skyline and a different sidewalk alike. Nearly 200 ambitious proposals spanning 200 years encompass bridges, skyscrapers, master plans, parks, transit schemes, amusements, airports, plans to fill in rivers and extend Manhattan, and much, much more. Included are alternate visions for such landmarks as Central Park, Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center, MoMA, the U.N., Grand Central Station and the World Trade Centre site, among many others sites. Fact-filled and entertaining texts, as well as sketches, renderings, prints, and models drawn from archives all across the New York metropolitan region tell stories of a new New York, one that surely would have changed the way we inhabit and move through the city.

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Sam Lubell is the West Coast Editor of the Architect's Newspaper and the co-curator of the recent exhibition 'Never Built Los Angeles'. He is the author of five books about architecture. Greg Goldin was the architectural critic at Los Angeles Magazine from 1999 to 2011. His writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Architectural Record, Architect's Newspaper and Zocalo, among many other publications.