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n ‘New Typefaces’ contemporary type designs are presented in words and pictures. Leading graphic artists offer insights into the thinking that underlies their work, offering an overview of current developments in the technical, aesthetic and socio-political world that influence their designs. In the 1970s there were possibly only one hundred new typefaces published, today there are tens of thousands of fonts and this is increasing. This collection shows that current type design is exciting, original and reflective of cultural trends and ideas; illustrated using over seventy different unique and original type designs. For the exhibition ‘Call for Type. New Fonts. New Typefaces.’ at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, twenty typefaces were chosen to reflect the work of very individual designers; these are explored in the form of interviews in the book. This is an astounding collection of experimental type designs, based either on a specific theme or concept representative of a created design project. From display fonts with a small range of styles, to a range of commercial art, to typefaces for books and publishing, the diversity of typeface has developed systematically over the years due largely to the passion and commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism that are the driving forces behind some of today’s most exciting and unconventional designers.


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While in the 1970s just a few hundred new typefaces were published, today graphic designers can choose from tens of thousands of fonts – with an upward tendency. This publication, however, shows that current type design is not subject to randomness or a fashionable hype. Key protagonists offer insights into their thinking and working, take a position on current developments under the new technical, esthetic and socio-political conditions.

From the rich international cosmos of typefaces the book presents experimental type designs. These can be based on a spontaneous idea or the concept of an individually chosen design project or these are typefaces for books with large type families, which, often over a number of years, were developed systematically with passion, endurance and an unswerving attention to characteristic detail.

selection presents an overview of current developments text and examples detailed insight into the creation of each typeface interviews and personal reflections by the designers

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