Nicole Schuck (bilingual edition)

Geschätzte Tiere / Valued Animals


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Nicole Schuck


From wildlife topographies to the ecosystem services of marine and alpine fauna, 2010-2020. Nicole Schuck’s filigree drawings stem from in-depth research into the animals’ habitats. The book traces her investigation of the deep-rooted connection between animals and humans, ecosystems, the value of wildlife, nature conservation, and economics. Analyses by experts from a broad range of disciplines-art history, biology, bio-economics, marine biology, and philosophy- provide a deeper understanding of her works from the past decade. Valued Animals not only showcases Schuck’s artistic practice, but also aims to contribute to the current debate on nature conservation that is more relevant than ever before. By linking her work with perspectives from other academic and scientific disciplines, the subject is released from otherwise hermetic milieus such as nature conservation, politics, economics, and biology and opened up for a broader discussion that is long overdue.

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NICOLE SCHUCK (*1967, Herford) studied at the University of Bielefeld, Berlin, and Braunschweig. She has received numerous scholarships. She has had international exhibitions at, among others, the Galería de Arte del Palacio Municipal, Puebla, Mexico, the Kunsthalle Bielefeld, and at Marta Herford.