Nineteenth Century Art

A Critical History (Fourth edition)


‘One of the most engrossing and stimulating art history texts to come along for years’ The Times Higher Education Supplement

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Stephen F. Eisenman, Thomas Crow, Brian Lukacher, Linda Nochlin, David Llewellyn Phillips, Frances K. Pohl


In the arenas of art and representation, the nineteenth century was a time of questioning, experimentation, discovery and modernization. Artists and designers challenged, as never before, prevailing definitions of art and social order.

Nineteenth Century Art: A Critical History embraces many aspects of the so-called ‘new’ art history – attention to issues of class and gender, reception and spectatorship, racism and Eurocentrism, popular and élite culture, the question of the canon – while at the same time recovering the remarkable vitality, salience and subversiveness of the era’s best art.

This edition includes five revised chapters, comprising ‘Old World, New World: The Encounter of Cultures on the American Frontier’, ‘Black and White in America’, ‘Architecture and Design in the Age of Industry’ and ‘Manet and the Impressionists’, together with a substantially expanded chapter on ‘Photography, Modernity, and Art’. With 233 illustrations now in colour, including over a dozen brand-new images, this rich and diverse volume will interest students, specialists and anyone fascinated by this dynamic period.

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Stephen F. Eisenman is Professor of Art History at Northwestern University.

Thomas Crow is Professor of Art History at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.