Noisy Neighbors



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Ruth Green


The hero of Noisy Neighbors is a tired and grumpy snail who is searching for some peace and quiet. Wherever he goes he bumps into his neighbors–chirping sparrows, singing foxes, hooting owls, quacking ducks, and buzzing bees–each noisier than the last! In the end he decides to invite all his neighbors to a party, where they make lots of noise and have so much fun they get tired out and fall asleep. At last the snail can get some peace!
This amusing story is illustrated with the colorful screen prints that have made Ruth Green one of the leading illustrators of her generation. The different animal characters are framed within decorative branches and flowers, the prints’ bold colors creating striking contrasts as each page is turned.

Additional information

Weight 334 g
Dimensions 19.3 x 25.2 cm
Publisher name Tate Publishing
Publication date 1 November 2011
Number of pages 32
Format Hardback
Dimensions 19.3 x 25.2 cm
Weight 334 g
Trained as a textile designer, Ruth Green produces limited editions of fabrics inspired by the British countryside, as well as fine art prints. She has created prints and posters for Ikea and note cards for leading British stationery companies, and her work has appeared in Elle Decoration. She regularly exhibits throughout the UK. This is her first book.