Not Invented Here

Cross-industry Innovation



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Ramon Vullings, Marc Heleven


When Gutenberg was asked how he arrived at the invention of the printing press, he confessed it was as simple as seeing a new connection between two existing products: the wine press and the coin punch. e BMW iDrive navigation knob in the car is transferred from the game industry into automotive, Nike Shox is based upon the shock breakers from the Formula 1 racing and hospitals look at airlines to learn about safety checklists. Today innovation is seen as one of the main driving forces for growth, development and pro tability. e problem is that in many cases innovation is a technical extrapolation of the current situation. Incremental improvement is good, yet it is not enough to gain a real competitive advantage or to nd a game changing way of working. Drawing analogies beyond the borders of one’s own industry can open up interesting new perspectives and be a signi cant source of major innovative steps. Cross industry innovation refers to innovation that comes about by applying cross industry analogies and by transferring approaches from one industry to another. Just like Gutenberg did. is inspirational, illustrated business book presents seven strategies for cross industry innovation. It emerged from hundreds of conversations with business leaders and innovators and is packed with ideas, approaches and cases that you can apply in your own industry. Not Invented Here is o en referred to as a negative force. An unwillingness to adopt an idea or product because it originates from another culture, industry or source than once own. is book makes the case for the opposite. Proudly Found Elsewhere! So dive in this rollercoaster of ideas called cross Industry Innovation and start not just to think outside the box, yet out of your industry.

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