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Alexandra Martini


The illustrated book ON TIME addresses visually the interaction of time, culture and people in the global context. In the course of her travels, the author has assembled a collection of photographs of timepieces over the last 15 years. These images have now been, in the true sense of the word, chronologically assembled in book format: Each minute is represented with an image of a watch or a clock, beginning at 12.00 noon and ending at 11:59 in the evening. The photos preserve moments in more than 40 countries on all continents, showing familiar and strange locations, in everyday and unusual situations. ON TIME creates connections with their own dynamics between continents and cultures, inviting to a journey through time and space. It is a multilayered volume that one will return to again and again, perusing the timepieces and lingering at the locations.

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Weight 1305 g
Dimensions 12.6 x 16.6 cm
Publisher name Braun Publishing AG
Publication date 1 October 2011
Number of pages 1464
Format Hardback
Dimensions 12.6 x 16.6 cm
Weight 1305 g


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