Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


This work examines Hollywood from every angle, offering a comprehensive view of the films, people, and legacy that comprise the unparalleled cinematic glory of Hollywood.

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Juliette Michaud


From the pioneers of cinema to the New Hollywood of the 1960s, this volume tells the epic tale of the golden age of American film studios. Featuring previously unpublished or rare interviews with Hollywood greats from Mickey Rooney to Kirk Douglas and from Jane Fonda to Julie Andrews, this history offers an insider’s perspective of the world’s most beloved entertainment traditions. From silent films to the innovations of sound and then color, from the studio systems that shaped Hollywood (nababs, censure, and “starification”), to glamour in all its facets (from set design to the femme fatale), and featuring all of the emblematic genres, professions, and studio brands, this book celebrates the vast creative hive at the center of the world’s cinematic hub. Rare archival photographs from on set and behind the scenes accompany reproductions of the great movie posters and headshots of screen stars, providing a visual chronology of the evolution of American cinema. From musicals to Westerns to live action movies, all of the great films, producers, stars, and directors that propagate the fabulous myth of Hollywood make this the ultimate homage and a valuable reference.

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