Other. Others. Otherness. The concept of “Other” permeates the dominant culture and contemporary underground culture


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Subjugated, exalted, sublimated, transcended – the Other has always characterized human, psychological, and material investigation, because it is impossible to fully understand it, but at the same time it visualizes that part of us that we are not willing to recognize. It begins exactly where our consciousness ends; it invades the limit where we are not, but where the realization of the Human is accomplished, with its psychological and carnal zone. The author wanted to explore the interstices-Other of fashion: deconstruction, the post-human condition, the corporeality, the ritual, the savage mind, and finally the inform dimension, to dissect ravines still unexplored, because they are imperceptible if investigated by a dimension conscious, but they acquire immense weight if we move the analysis of fashion to a strictly more unconscious, therefore instinctive, therefore human level.

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Publication date 14 February 2022
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Dimensions 15.4 x 22.4 cm
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