Otto Dix

The Art of Life


|A knowledgeably written biography of Otto Dix, spanning his eventful life and multifaceted body of work

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Few artists are as strongly linked to the historical events and political catastrophes in Germany as Otto Dix (1891-1969). Dix fought and drew on the front during World War I in the grip of a Dionysian lust for life. After 1918, he gave this war the most honest face ever bestowed on it by an artist. During the Weimar Republic, Dix proved to be an enfant terrible, a dandy, and an urban sophisticate, but he was also a respected professor. Driven out of his position by the Nazis just several months after they came to power, then ostracized and threatened, he retreated to Lake Constance, employing broad brushstrokes to forge a new path after 1945. This book accompanies Otto Dix through his eventful life and his multifaceted oeuvre-from the early self-portraits to the masterpieces of the twenties and the calm, mature work of his later career. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-2275-9)

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