Patrick Angus


The Toulouse-Lautrec of Times Square


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Douglas Blair Turnbaugh, Mark Gisbourne


Isolation and a desperate search for recognition in New York in the eighties are captured unsparingly by American painter Patrick Angus (1953-1992). The stark drama of his explicit themes, the phenomenal exactitude of his observations juxtaposed against the brilliant iridescence of his colorations, are currently being celebrated as a rediscovery in an international context. The subject of a homosexual artist’s life in New York’s demimonde is only the veneer of meaning of his work.Although his subject is inevitably his own life, it is a reflection the human condition we all know, the longing for love, friendship, and acceptance. This poetic unison, supported by superb technical execution, gives Patrick Angus’ paintings and drawings their irresistible, emotional, and universal appeal. Painting was the passion of Patrick Angus’ short life. Dying a victim of the AIDS plague, his only wish was that his work would survive him. This book is a posthumous homage to a great artist. Exhibition: Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart 23.9-5.11.2016

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Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 13 November 2016
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Contributors Text by Douglas Blair Turnbaugh and Mark Gisbourne
Dimensions 27.9 x 30.9 cm
Weight 1678 g