Pavilions and Gardens of Venice Biennale

Photographs by Gabriele Basilico



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Francesco Trovò, Tiziana Favaro


Venice’s Giardini di Castello have been home to the exhibition pavilions of the International Art Biennale since 1895. As part of 13th Architec – ture Biennale, various architects, philosophers, art historians and art – ists were asked to write an essay on one of the pavilions, which would be accompanied both by an installation presenting the authors’ descrip – tions, and photographs portraying the buildings by Basilico. The photography of Gabriele Basilico brings out the potential that might be realised from the depth and richness of the place. It invites us to be participants. It makes us feel optimistic about the possibility of living peaceably despite differences, and shows us the opportunities we have to admire beauty generated by genius in art and architecture. Moreover, it causes us to reflect upon the choice we have been given to protect and be protected by nature; a nature capable of both satiating our visual senses as well as satisfying our souls. Unlike the symbol of the Tower of Babel which denies the value of differences, the pavilions housing the Biennale with their Venice setting, tell us that diversity can invent a new vocabulary and that comparison can function as a catalyst for the desire for improvement.

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Publisher name Contrasto SRL
Publication date 12 August 2013
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Contributors Photographs by Gabriele Basilico, Text by Giuseppe Rallo
Dimensions 23.7 x 26.6 cm
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