Penpals Forever



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Jurg Lindenberger, C K Smouha


The story of a mouse and elephant who become pen pals despite some minor size differences.

CK Smouha is the author of Born Bad, Sock Story and Iced Out (Cicada 2018 and 2019).

Freddy the mouse is practising his skateboarding when a vast, white shape descends from the sky. It’s a huge letter from a science-loving elephant called Annabel! The two begin a correspondence in which they learn about each other’s very different lifestyle. One day, Freddy’s letters stop coming and Annabel must go to the big city to help him out of a pickle.

This is a madcap romp about two friends who could not be more different. Hilarious illustrations play with scale discrepancies and are complemented by die cuts, flaps and special colours, bringing a message of tolerance and acceptance to life.

Don’t be fooled by Penpals Forever: this hilarious book with cool illustrations actually conveys a serious message about tolerance and friendship, however different you might be from one another. — School Librarian

At its heart there is a lovely story about overcoming differences and distances to be friends – something it often seems like the whole world could do with learning! — Father Reading and T

This is a fun book that’s ultimate message is about accepting and tolerating differences, looking out for each other and, quite simply, how to be a good friend. — Armadillo Children’s Book Review Magazine

Additional information

Weight 470 g
Dimensions 22.4 x 27.1 cm
Publisher name Cicada Books Ltd
Publication date 10 November 2020
Number of pages 36
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.4 x 27.1 cm
Weight 470 g


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Jürg Lindenberger is a surfer, skateboarder and illustrator living in Basel. He has been instrumental in the development of Anorak Magazine and has an impressive client roster ranging from Google to So Young Magazine by way of Word Skateboards.