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Jeremy Stangroom


Psychology: 50 in 500 sheds light on these and other crucial questions by examining the ideas and work of fifty of the world’s greatest psychologists. From B. F. Skinner to Noam Chomsky, Sigmund Freud to Abraham Maslow, this beautifully concise, richly informative little book discusses the ideas and experiments that have defined the course of psychology as it has developed over the last 150 years.

Beginning wit h psychology’s iconic founders, Wundt and William James, and concluding with features on contemporary psychiatrists, Aaron Beck and Robin Murray, the guide is presented chronologically, giving readers a distinct sense of the development of psychology and a coherent overview of the field.

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Publication date 1 December 2018
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Dimensions 13.9 x 19.7 cm
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Jeremy Stangroom is a philosopher and social theorist with a PhD from the London School of Economics. In 1997 he launched the Philosophers’ Magazine, one of the most widely read philosophy periodicals in the world. Jeremy is the author of Einstein’s Riddle, Is Your Neighbour A Zombie and Would You Eat Your Cat amongst many others. He has featured on BBC Television, BBC National Radio, BBC World Service, CBS, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and the Arts and Letters Daily. He now publishes a new journal, Think, on behalf of The Royal Institute of Philosophy.