Rules of the Ruff



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Heidi Lang


A girl learns how to walk dogs-and walk tall-in this charming, coming-of-age novel Twelve-year-old Jessie is in for a long, lonely summer at her aunt and uncle’s house. Her uncle is clueless, her aunt is downright frosty, and worst of all, her cousin Ann thinks Jessie isn’t cool enough to hang out with anymore. But Jessie is industrious, and-not content with being ignored all summer-she convinces Wes, a grouchy neighborhood dog walker, to take her on as his apprentice. Sure, dog walking turns out to be harder than she expected, but she has Wes’s dog-walking code, the Rules of the Ruff, to guide her, and soon, she’s wrangling her very own pack like the best of them. But when Monique, a charming rival dog walker, moves to town, she quickly snatches up most of Wes’s business-and Jessie decides she isn’t going to take this defeat with her tail between her legs.

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Weight 262 g
Dimensions 21 x 13.9 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 24 May 2020
Number of pages 272
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 21 x 13.9 cm
Weight 262 g


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Heidi Lang is the author of Wrong Way Summer and the coauthor of ADash of Dragon and A Hint of Hydra as well as a former professional dog walker. She lives in Richland, Washington.