Saeed Kouros

Picturing Life



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Hamid Keshmirshekan


The first complete monography devoted to the Iranian painter.

Saeed Kouros’s (b. 1942) works embody a range of, at times self-contradictory, approaches towards Abstraction. His art examines a variety of media and technical strategies including the application of textural elements, mixed media paradoxically juxtaposed with representational elements. Many of them have a close affinity with the spontaneous action often associated with Abstract Expressionism and Art Informal. There are, however, recognisable elements such as tree, leafless trunks and dreamlike portraits next to the spontaneous forms, textures and lines. These works portray the individual and unique experience found in the general notion of Abstraction.

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Hamid Keshmirshekan is an art historian, critic and Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts, SOAS University of London. He was previously Senior Lecturer at the Advanced Research Institute of Art (ARIA), Iranian Academy of Arts (2013-17) and Associate Fellow at the KRC, Faculty of Oriental Studies and History of Art Department at Oxford University (2004-12). His interests are twentieth and twentieth-first century art from the Middle East, with particular attention to the recent developments in art practice and its relation to the context. Keshmirshekan has taught art history and criticism in British and Iranian universities and has organised several international conferences and events on aspects of modern and contemporary art from Iran and the Middle East, and has contributed extensively to various publications.