Scaredy Sam



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Mathilde Stein, Mies van Hout


Perhaps Scaredy Sam is braver than he thinks?

Scaredy Sam is scared of absolutely everything, from wearing his favourite flowery dungarees in public to the ghost he thinks lives under his bed. Sam makes an appointment with the Magic Tree to become less cowardly, but first he must travel through the woods, where all the wild creatures live. Step by step, Sam becomes less afraid. He politely and boldly confronts a dragon, a giant spider and a gnarled witch. By the time Sam reaches the Magic Tree, he’s no longer afraid. Scaredy Sam has become Brave Sam.

A quietly inspirational story to help children realise they are braver than they think. Atmospheric and cheerful illustrations with a distinctive painterly style help create a world of magical adventure and self – discovery.

Additional information

Weight 358 g
Dimensions 21.3 x 26.5 cm
Publisher name Lemniscaat
Publication date 8 October 2018
Number of pages 28
Format Hardback
Dimensions 21.3 x 26.5 cm
Weight 358 g


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