Signature Spaces

Well-Travelled Spaces by Paolo Moschino &Philip Vergeylen


This lavishly illustrated volume explores the interior world of Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen, the talented duo behind the award-winning design studio Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Limited. Acknowledged by Elle Décor on its 2016 A list of influential architects and designers, Moschino and Vergeylen not only create inspiring home environments for elite clients, but also design their own line of furniture, lighting, fabrics and accessories.


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Paolo Moschino, Philip Vergeylen


Moschino and Vergeylen have forged an unconventional approach to design that breathes new life into dated period properties, and endows modern buildings with warmth and charisma. Their effervescent approach to life keeps their interiors fresh and relaxed, attracting a young and discerning clientele in Europe and the US. The designers are energized by their global travels, informed by history, and inspired by encounters with people, places, film and art and fashion. The process by which their varied sources of inspiration translate into material form is explored in detail in Signature Spaces, providing a rare insight into how interior design works. Signature Spaces: Well-travelled Interiors by Paolo Moschino & Philip Vergleyn is an insider’s view of the interior design process, revealing how any room can be transformed into a space for inspired living, as opposed to simply existing. Illustrated with hundreds of stunning photographs, drawings, and mood boards, the book explores the fascinating way in which the designers are energized by the world around them to create chic rooms that are never predictable. These are rooms that always feel welcoming, and always contain an element of surprise.

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Publication date 1 December 2016
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Dimensions 26.3 x 31.3 cm
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Neither Florentine-born Moschino, nor Belgian Vergeylen have conventional design backgrounds, which explains their relaxed attitude and willingness to embrace imaginative, unexpected solutions to the challenges that any project brings. Moschino fell into design after a chance meeting with London interior design veteran Nicholas Haslam - he worked for Haslam for eight years before taking over Haslam's retail arm and developing an independent design practice. Interior design is a second career for Vergeylen, who was a well-travelled senior marketing executive before he joined Moschino in the business.