Steffen Appel and Peter Waelty: The Goldfinger Files

The Making of the Iconic Alpine Sequence in the James Bond Movie "Goldfinger"



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Steffen Appel, Peter Wälty


As one of popular culture’s most charming and enduring characters, James Bond needs no introduction. Neither does Goldfinger (1964), perhaps the classic Bond film and undoubtedly the beginning of 1960s Bondmania. Incorporating much unpublished material including photographs and the original typed screenplay, The Goldfinger Files is an illustrated history of the film’s iconic scenes shot in Switzerland’s Urseren Valley, crowned by the car chase with Bond’s gadget-laden Aston Martin.

To maximize publicity for the film, its makers took the unorthodox step of inviting journalists and photographers onto the set, resulting in a wealth of photos including those by Hans Gerber, Josef Ritler and Erich Kocian. These give us an insider’s view of the famous sequence- Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce on the dusty mountain road, Tilly Masterson’s failed assassination attempt on him, the chase between her Mustang and Bond’s Aston Martin, and finally Goldfinger’s smelting factory. Dozens of private pictures revealing candid, behind-the-scenes moments complete this documentary flipbook of golden-age James Bond culture.

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Born in Frankfurt in 1969, Steffen Appel has collaborated with numerous directors and producers of the James Bond films of the last 57 years, among other filmmakers. He is the owner of an important archive of film-related photography, props and other materials, including an Aston Martin DB5 in silver birch (not unlike James Bond's own). Appel has contributed to various books and in 2015 was part of the production crew for the twenty-fourth James Bond film Spectre.

Born in Aarau in 1965, Peter Waelty studied history and English at the University of Zurich. From 2000 he was editor-in-chief and digital director for various Swiss online news sites. He is the author of James Bond und die Schweiz (2008), and the editor of Blick war dabei - Boulevardfotografie von 1959 bis 2019, published by Steidl in 2019.