Story Out of the Box

80 Cards for Hours of Storytelling Fun



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Nicky Hoberman, Leander Deeny


Story Out of the Box is a fun, activity game for both kids and adults – no artistic or intellectual prowess required! Free your imagination or just fill up a rainy afternoon with 80 lively prompts.

Pick a subject card and a technique card and use them together to create your own madcap tales. Unleash thousands of stories from the depths of your imagination! Awaken your creativity with these 80 lively story prompts by combining fun subjects with unconventional techniques to explore thousands of storytelling possibilities.

This creative game for writers and storytellers of all ages is beautifully produced to the highest standard and comes in a sturdy box, vividly illustrated by Japanese illustrator Hiromi Suzuki and co-authored by Nicky Hoberman and Leander Deeny.

Technique cards include: Live from the Scene, Pull the Rug Out, Flower Power, I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This, Missing in Action, Sift through the Evidence and many more while, Subject cards range from High Life to Rusted Castaway and Mermaid Detective to Magic in the Stable.

This is a perfect accompaniment to Art Out of the Box, also by Nicky Hoberman and Hiromi Suzuki, published in 2019.

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Weight 478 g
Dimensions 13.3 x 19.5 cm
Publisher name Laurence King Publishing Ltd
Publication date 4 May 2020
Number of pages
Format Cards
Contributors Illustrated by Hiromi Suzuki
Dimensions 13.3 x 19.5 cm
Weight 478 g
Nicky Hoberman is an artist who lives and works in London. Illustrator Hiromi Suzuki is a graphic designer and illustrator, originally from Japan and now based in San Francisco. Leander Deeny is an actor and children's writer based in London.