Surrealism in Latin America



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Dawn Ades


It is widely recognised that surrealism has been fundamental to the development of modern art and literature. what is often under-appreciated, however, is its international perspective. This thought-provoking and comprehensive survey reveals what happened to surrealism as it travelled to and fro between Europe and Latin America. For almost three decades, journeys, encounters, exchanges, collaborations and exhibitions forged multiple links. surrealism flourished and transformed itself aided by poets and artists including Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Frida Kahlo, wifredo Lam, roberto Matta, C├ęsar Moro and Octavio Paz. Almost a century after the first manifestos appeared, this timely volume considers the lasting legacy the movement left. This book is the first to cover both literary and visual surrealism, and explores in fascinating detail how artists and writers contested, embraced and adapted a host of avant-garde ideas and practices.

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