Taryn Simon

Paperwork and the Will of Capital


Taryn Simon’s artistic research into the staging of political power

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In Paperwork and the Will of Capital, Taryn Simon (* 1975)-one of the most original and challenging conceptual artists of our time-brings together geopolitics, horticultural science, and the art of still life to investigate how the stagecraft of power is created, performed, marketed, and maintained. At signings of political accords, contracts, treaties, and decrees determining some of the gravest issues of our time, powerful men flank floral centerpieces curated to convey the importance of the signatories and represented institutions. Simon reconstituted and photographed the flower arrangements from archival images of key events; she then dried and pressed the flowers as herbarium specimens. This sumptuous book, part nature study, part metaphor, bears witness to an elaborate and intriguing process of artistic deconstruction and reconstruction.Exhibitions: Gagosian, New York 18.2.-26.3.2016 | Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow 17.3.-22.5.2016 | Tel Aviv Museum of Art 23.9.2016-28.1.2017

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Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 25 May 2016
Number of pages 198
Format Hardback
Contributors Edited by Aliza Watters, Photographs by Taryn Simon, Contributions by Hanan al-Shaykh, Daniel E. Atha, Kate Fowle, and Nicholas Kulish
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Weight 300 g